I was at Target yesterday, walking out to the parking lot and there was a young-ish boy, probably middle school age holding a backpack as the anti-theft beepers were going off as he tried to walk out the door. He looked totally terrified and panicked…it was kinda sweet. His parents were walking ahead out the car, and he yelled for his little brother to get his mom and dad and come back to help him. I kept walking and saw his dad get super irritated to be called back to the store. His dad walked back and I could hear him saying things like “come on, just go, its no big deal, you know we payed for it, just walk!”. I saw his mom near my car so I said something about how she’s raised a very honest boy and how he looked so worried about potentially stealing something. She agreed and was very pleasant. 

I got in the car and thought about how I would react to that…I can totally understand why the dad was cranky about it, Target was packed and it was hot, who wouldn’t be in a hurry to get out?! But I hope that in the future, with Wyatt and any other kiddos, I would slow down and be patient with them. I know I won’t always, but I hope I will remember to try. The boy wasn’t doing anything wrong and it would have been a great moment to catch him doing something right! I would praise him for being honest and responsible and all those other good things. So what if it took me an extra minute to walk back to the doors and explain to him that sometimes those alarms go off or maybe the cashier left a sensor in the bag, but he did the right thing to stop and check!

Anyway, it was a neat moment and gave me some hope for parenting! Yay Target!


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