Summer Trips

We tend not to take big summer vacations since we have access to a beach house. We do long weekends and small trips here and there.

So far this summer we have done the following:

Kyle made several trips to Atlanta for work and one trip cross-country, driving with his brother to their new place in Virginia Beach.

We went to the beach a few times…ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Wyatt and I drove to meet Hilary for brunch in Virginia while she was visiting from Colorado…we do that once every few years, and it always ends up that we meet in some po-dunk town along 85 and hang out at a Cracker Barrel or somewhere like that. This year we vowed that the next time, once of us would just make the drive either to Richmond or Durham. Sorry, South Hill, we’re not coming back.

We went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with all the Scarbro’s! It was a fun, exhausting day trip. Wyatt did great, we had a really fun day at the park with Lucy and Andrew (Wyatt’s cousins) and the fam. They all rode roller coasters, I rode the tea cups. I’m lobbying for another Williamsburg trip, this time maybe to Great Wolf Lodge…


And this past week, Wyatt and I went to Asheville for a few days. My friends there hadn’t squeezed his cute little cheeks and that needed to be fixed. So, while we missed Kyle, it was a great way to spend a few days while he was out of town. Wyatt was great in the car and had a great attitude most of the time we were there. He didn’t sleep very well, but then, he doesn’t at home either, so that’s not news.

We stayed with Phil & Amy Berry (and Piper, Lily & Boone). It was awesome, their house is totally baby-friendly and Wyatt loved playing with Piper & Lily. Plus, Amy and I had tons of time to catch up. I love her, we are very kindred spirits. We are really alike in a lot of ways and really different in others. For instance, she camps and does cool outdoorsy things like swim in lakes. 🙂

We saw lots of friends and got to visit with folks that mean a whole lot to me. We hung out at Ridgecrest (where Phil works). It is an amazing boys’ camp in Black Mountain and we will 100% be sending Wyatt there when he is old enough. We also stopped by Windy Gap and visited. It was fun to think of Wyatt coming back there to play in the future. Windy Gap will always be one of my most favorite places in the world. I know everyone who goes there says that, but I really mean it.


We’ll certainly go back when Kyle can come & we have more time to do all the cool stuff there!

So there you have it. Trying to get out there and do the stuff we want to even if it means 14 trips to the car to pack & unpack the stroller, high chair, diapers, bags, toys, car seats, pack & plays…


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