WJS- 5 months!

What better time for a 5 month update than at his 6month-aversary/bday!

At five months-

Wyatt weighs somewhere around 20 pounds!  No solids yet- because mom and dad are lazy…soon though.

His first two little front teeth popped through. No awful teething experiences…just a little fussiness and lots of drool.

Wyatt is fake coughing and laughing and putting everything in his mouth.

Sleeping decently at night, sometimes not falling asleep till late…little night owl.

Rolling over and scooting around- he always wakes up in a different spot than where you lay him down.


Wyatt got passed around at the YL leader & committee cookout…he loves some college co-eds! His Aunt Maura is a good wingman!


The weather has been mostly crappy, but we had some time out in the swing in the front yard.


Learning how to roll over has totally rocked our world & disrupted our sleep habits. But he’s learning to sleep on his belly and that he can, in fact, roll over to his back whenever he wants as well.


Wyatt skyped with Nana and Pop at Aunt Beth Ann’s house…they loved it, he loved being at the computer and bouncing around!


Napping with dad.


In the ergo at the DBAP. Don’t mind the spit up all over the ergo…that’s just how we roll.


Wyatt’s first baseball game!


With Poppa at the Bulls game, Wyatt loved it. He sat and watched the field for almost 3 innings then we walked around and people-watched.


5 month pictures!


Sitting on the front porch in the evenings with mom. Sometimes we need some help staying awake & not fussing in the evenings…


Sweet faces…


Love this outfit. And those chunky legs!


Held hands with little Mara Kate Brown for the first time…Annie supervised.


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