Thoughts from the Kitchen

In no particular order:

1. I feel like badass when I can clean all the meat off a rotisserie chicken. (I think raw chicken is way grosser than tearing into a little rotisserie chicken.)

2. I feel as if I have arrived as a wife and mother when I can throw a good dinner together with just the items I have on-hand in the house. Not often, but it has happened on occasion.

3. Dug is getting good at catching food bits I throw up in the air for him..

4. I almost always buy already-chopped & diced things from the store- peppers, onions, celery, carrots, and rotisserie chickens (refer to #1). If I have time to spend in the kitchen, I would rather be eating and cooking, not slicing & dicing. I got a package of diced onions, carrots and celery yesterday to use for chicken salad, then woke up today thinking about how awful & cold the weather is and how to use the remaining celery, carrots and little bit of onion. Voila- chicken pot pie!

5. I called my grandmother this morning to ask for her chicken pot pie recipe. I do this from time to time, call to get recipes for things I remember her making when I was younger. I was blessed to spend a good deal of time around all my grandparents when I was little. I have several recipes that Nana would write out and mail to me (or have Pop write them out and mail to me). Her recipe for apple crisp is the best. Anyway, she told me she’s never made a chicken pot pie. She then called me back around 3:30pm to ask how my dinner turned out. I told her I would let her know closer to dinnertime.

6. (Kyle’s Thought) maybe the worst thing in the world to think about and have to do when you wake up at 5 AM regularly is to clean out yesterday’s coffee. I can make today’s no problem as long as we have thrown out the grinds and drained the coffee pot from yesterday. it’s the worst.



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