WJS- 2 months!

Wyatt’s 2 month old stats:
Weight: 14 lbs, 10 oz (90%)
Height: 24in (90%)
Head circumference: 42 cm (+100%)

Funny story, at Wyatt’s 2-month pediatrician appointment, the nurse weighed and measured him and was entering his info into the computer. She entered his age and then his weight and got an error message, something to the effect of “that weight isn’t a valid entry for that age, try again.” In other words, that is a giant 2 month old baby.

At two months, Wyatt is smiling and talking lots, sleeping 4-7 hours at a time overnight (usually 10pm-ish till 4am or 5am, eating and back to sleep for a while), loves playing on his activity mat, will take a little snooze in his swing, can fall asleep without being held if he’s realllly tired, going to work at the YL office with me, loooooves bathtime and a generally sweet and happy guy!


Napping like a champImageImage

Go Ravens! Go Ray Rice!Image

Cute little cloth-diapered baby & in his business casual attire.ImageOn his very 1st date with sweet little Mara Kate Brown. Dinner at Shiki Sushi, both moms and dads were there to chaperone. 🙂


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