Growing A Human

Let’s have a look back at my pregnancy with Wyatt, shall we?

Being pregnant was something I had long wondered about- would I be sick as a dog (yes) or just breeze right through? Gain weight all over or be “all baby”? Would I go early or be a week late (also yes)? Long labor or just spit that kid right out?

I had a hunch I was pregnant a few days before a test confirmed it. I texted a few girlfriends things like “I just sneezed 15 times, is that a sign of being pregnant?” or “my jeans don’t fit right today, am i pregnant?” They mostly answered things like “Oh wow, I don’t know, take a test…” And so I did, one Friday morning in early March. Kyle was home from work that day and sleeping in. I peed on a stick, the lines lit up immediately and just like that…I was nauseous. I panicked, woke Kyle up and somewhat scared/tearfully told him I was pregnant. His head was still on the pillow, eyes barely open. And BAM, hit with the biggest news in his life. Looking back, I probably should have done that a little differently. Maybe been a little more upbeat about it, smile or something. We reminded ourselves that we were old enough, married and had a house. We were not a young couple on 16 & Pregnant and we were in a pretty good place to bring a baby home.

So then, I got on about the business of growing a human. I was nauseous for at least 24 weeks, popped Zofran like it was candy, ate bagels and baked potatoes for weeks, couldn’t stand the taste of hot coffee, spent hundreds of dollars on iced coffee from Starbucks over the next 10 months, suspected that baby was a boy, took bubble baths every night, spent as much time in the pool as I possibly could, felt like my wrists were broken (pregnancy carpal tunnel- its a real thing), curled up with a bottle of Tums at night (why is heartburn so miserable when you’re asleep?!), got bigger and bigger and bigger, loved feeling him kick, punch & hiccup, and was showered with awesome baby things at several showers.

I loved the thought of being pregnant, loved the overall idea of it, and enjoyed many, many things. I think its safe to say I struggled with the day-to-day stuff, I was sick and uncomfortable/miserable a lot. But I loved the attention and the special treatment, loved getting to prepare for a little guy, and let’s be real,  it was really nice to eat whatever I wanted. ImageHere we are at about 17 weeks. Ha, I was barely showing but I felt huuuuge and I’m pretty sure I was in maternity jeans at about 13 weeks. Image20ish weeksImage25 weeks


Baby shower, 32ish weeks


36 weeks. Orioles had a good season this year 🙂Image

37 weeks, feeling like I was gonna have this baby any minute. HA!Image

Not the best pic, feeling desperate at 40.5 weeks. I had all but given up by 40 weeks. I stopped going to work and just stayed home & waited for my water to break.


Here’s Wyatt at 13 weeks, look at those little toes!!Image

And big brother Dug, enjoying the new rocking chair.


3 responses to “Growing A Human

  1. Kristen, it is so good to read about your happenings. So great. I think about you so often and even wrote about you in a job application (for an internship at a church). I wrote about who I couldn’t understand the fact that you thought I was cool right when you met me and even asked me to coffee?! Mind-blowing but did the trick and gave me a glimpse at how much Jesus loves me. You rock, and I am sure that baby does too!

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